YES - THIS IS INVESTMENT And you should Track your ROI !

Why LeadEx and not Hire?

Quality lead generation service for a fraction of a price of a sales team. We have 20 years cumulative experience in Lead Generation and Sales. 

On average – salaries start at € 1,000 per employee who has some experience. Then you add at least €400 to find such. You need to specify job description, interview him, follow up, chase him and so on.
Once you convert him to work for you – you start paying his salary x 12 months. And its not only that – you need to add
+ €2,000 for Technology stack, €2,000 Social Benefits (yearly), €3,000Management costs (only to babysit him and lets not forget €1,500 Training period (1.5 months where he produces almost 0 results).

Now lets sum up: €20,900

With LeadEx – you have 0% of that cost PLUS you are not long-term related!

Save and Pay once you receive!

Driven by several payment models – every customer feels comfortable.

You can start with Lead Gen services and when you see the good results, we can even start closing deals for you. We will take care of your business like we take care of ours.

Improve COMPANY performance!

Not only meet your expectations, but elevate them.

Trust us on this – we know what we are doing!

Performance Metrics

Start working with a company that provide everything you need in a single stop.

80 %

Expenses reduced compared to internal team


60 %

Better performance In Leads Generated


100 %

Better value for money


Love From Clients

MEASURE AND DRILL DOWN Business is all about Results We will bring yours