Strategy Matters!

You are not alone in finding out who your ideal customer is, and how to reach them, whether you do or don’t know who your target audience is. Our experienced B2B development consultant will assist you through the process and bring fresh ideas to the table. Finding out what is the best tactic to get people be directly and genuinely interested in your product is part of our job, and the main focus is creating a steady stream of positive replies and a pipeline that will constantly grow, and become your indispensable sales channel.

How to attract more customers?

Sales is not an easy process especially if you haven’t done it before and you don’t have a well established process. A lot of startups and SMEs have relied on inbound leads, marketing strategies or referrals, but especially in difficult and uncertain times like the Covid-19 crisis those more organics ways of attracting attention to your product/services decline significantly. So, every company should be oriented towards steady flow of new leads, not only in times of crises.

Act now!

So, how can you resolve the problem above that some startups and SME have experienced and even got close to bankruptcy? Act now! Instead of choosing the uncertain and long mission of hiring and development of a sales team you can trust our sales machine of professionals at LeadEx.

Here are three benefits to this decision:

Immediate results – choose us. We don’t need training to start. Just the opposite! We will … our well developed and tested approach, also sharing our know-how and giving you a fresh start.

Trust the professionals – We have 20 + years of cumulative experience is sales and business development 

Performance metrics

This is how we help you improve your results due to good strategy making.

No sick leaves – we are a dedicated team of professionals, best described as energetic go-getters who get the job done!

80 %

more hot Leads

Interest Driven

70 %

more Lead conversion

Leads cracked

100 %

more satisfied customers

Organic Referral

Love From Clients

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