Buyer Persona and Ideal Customer

How do we find and classify them?

Its a complicated process of symbiosis between type of business, targeted markets, existing customers, sales behaviour, focus on their products or business.

Simply put, an Ideal Customer Profile is a detailed description of a company that is most likely to become your client along with the titles of its decision-makers that your sales team should target. In other words, it’s the guidelines for how to find a perfect lead.

And this is what we do – We know Lead Generation.

OK - we found it.. now what ?

LeadEx will help you not only to find the Ideal Customer, but also to approach him, engage him and drive him to your services and products. We know Customers ton of voice and mindset. We will study their interests and shift your product through the desire of the targeted customer. 

We have the tools, expertise and interest to do it.

Its all about strategy and analyses !

Ideal Customer Profile is about the regular analysis of your market and planning your sales strategy accordingly.

If you don’t understand your market, you don’t know what to expect and thus you can’t plan. You can’t just fill in the ICP questionnaire (we provided below) basing your answers merely on your own imagination. Otherwise, your results will be occasional.

This said, outbound prospecting can be a powerful tool to develop a hypothesis, then study market response when you introduce new products or want to target different companies or expand to the new markets.

When there’s uncertainty about the potential customers reaction to your offer, outbound prospecting provides immediate response within weeks, if not days.

Performance Metrics

Start working with a company that knows how to point the ideal customer profile and also have the ability to find it and bring it to you.

100 %

of our generated Leads are based on Strategy

Customer Strategy

100 %

of hot Leads are subject to good planning

Ideal Planning

70 %

of the Leads we bring are qualified

Quality Leads

Love From Clients

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