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Let us combine all the Time-Consuming work for your sales campaigns that you are handling right now with our top tech tools. It’s never been easier to approach numbers of people in a day, but when we do that for you they will be the right ones.

Tracking and Analyses

We have tools to track and analyze all running campaigns in real-time.

Use proofed and time-validated tools. This is what we bring with us.

No need to spend time to find the best ones – we already have them.


According to the specifics of your business we can make any necessary amendments on the go!

We take a deep dive into all data which we collect and you present. Analyse it and optimise processes to fit your exact needs and to overcome the expected results!

Performance Metrics

Start working with a company which is able to provide complex solution, adding value to all processes in the ongoing Lead Generation process. LeadEx covers it all!

90 %

more qualified Leads base on Automations

Automation improvement

75 %

more qualifued Leads based on effective tracking

Tracking Effect

40 %

more closed deals based on Optimisation

Optimisation Boost

Love From Clients

PROMISE TO TAKE YOU ON TOP Take your business to PEAK of Successs