HYBRID SOLUTION Lead Generation & Sales

Let us take care of the whole process:

from finding the contacts

to active sales campaigns

and closing

If you are not sure how to approach your first (outbound) sales initiative or you don’t want to risk it on hiring a whole sales team and burning a lot of cash, trust the professionals and dedicate your sales to LeadEx.
Lead Generation:
We are going to take care of the bulk and time-consuming task of generating those leads that you are looking for and engage in meaningful conversations to get them interested.
After qualifying the leads and finding their needs we will present the solution to your potential clients. Then comes the Follow up and negotiation phase until we close the deal for you and convert them to paying clients.

How to find Leads?

What to do for Sales?

Hold my beer...

Let us help you

EASY STEPS Our Working Process


Research,Strategy and Targeting


Leads Generation, Optimisation and Automation


Outreach, Proposals, Follow-ups


Sales calls, Negotiation and Deal Closing

The final Result

While you are taking care of other important processes for your company like development of your products/services, management, we will make sure that your sales strategy is top notch and will execute the plan that we have agreed on. 

+50% growth
Long term clients

More qualified leads generated

80 %

Decreased Cost for Sales OpEx

60 %

Improved Offering & Communication

100 %

Increased sales conversions of Leads

50 %

What do we
start with for
Making the Sales
Optimisation work for
YOU and your Business?

    • Start working with an company that can provide everything you need to generate enough leads.
    • We find them, you approve them, we close them for you. You can’t imagine it to be easier.
    • We developed bullet proof approach and implemented strong and effective strategies to engage with your clients.
    • We found the best tools to target, approach, track, provoke interest and convert your potential customers no matter where they are.

Active clients

15 +

Sales Deals closed

220 +

Success Rate

90 %

Happy Clients

50 +

PROMISE TO help you grow Take your Company to a PEAK of Success