IT ALL STARTS WITH Perfect Strategy

LeadEx offers a new & different kind of outsourced Lead Generation Service built around specialised staff with different expertises. It’s Professionals-as-a-Service strategy, combines human intelligence, machine learning, expert training and industry experience for superior research, analyses, planning and sales assistance.

All of this in combination with the best and most useful tools for Automation and Optimisation brings a Must-Have Service which should be mandatory for all business owners.

How to find Leads?

Hold my beer...

EASY STEPS Our Working Process


Research & Strategy


Channels and Targeting


Content, Automation and outreach


Lead Generation

The final Result

Start working with a company that can provide everything you need to generate awareness, drive sales, connect with leads and improve your professionalism!

150% more Leads Generated
85% growth of the Business

Increased average Leads generated

150 %

Decreased Cost for Qualified Lead

60 %

Increased Outreach and Automation

80 %

Increased sales conversions of Leads

60 %

What do we
Start with for
Making the Lead
Generation work for
YOU and your Business?

    • At this stage, we identify hard-to-find company information and key decision makers that match your ideal customer profile, together with their email, LinkedIn profile, and any other available contact information.
    • Get high quality, up-to-date leads with verified emails and LinkedIn profiles
    • We use our own research tools and multiple relevant sources, and save yourself hours of research and manual work.
    • Our research team sources each contact individually and create lists from scratch to match your needs.

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