6 Lead Generation Strategies To Try Out Now, Part 1

Lead generation is a contemporary mechanism for businesses that want to grow. An improved amount of generated leads would mean increased brand awareness, higher interest in the offered products or services, and of course better nurturing of the marketing funnel with potential customers. More leads mean more prospects and thus a larger sales pipeline to convert into paying users. If lead generation is done well this increases the likelihood for the business to create long-lasting relationships with clients who are willing to invest in the product or service.

In the following paragraphs we shall present you with the first 6 lead generation strategies to optimize the efforts for attracting, converting and retaining prospects. But before we start, let’s quickly go through the definition of lead generation strategy. It is the process of finding and converting prospects interested in your product or service into leads. Person, who has shown interest in your offers by taking an action can be qualified as a lead. Such action can be sharing of some contact details indicating a desire to do business with you.

Generally, whether we speak about B2B or B2C lead generation, they both include four elements:

  • Lead capture– this is a way to gather information from a lead. Such are names, contact details, and other qualifying information about them or the organization they work for. 
  • Lead magnets– a stimulus that has the ability to drive a prospect to become a lead.
  • Lead qualification– The information collected from the lead magnets stage is used to determine how likely the lead is to buy.
  • Lead segmentation– based on the gathered information the leads are divided into groups of interes (e.g. job title, location, pages visited on your website etc.)

Each of these elements can be fulfilled with the following 6 lead generation tactics, followed by the second article on the topic coming up next week.

  1. Using Chatbots
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You are a marketeer and as such you won’t always have all the time to chat with prospects and this is fine. The time and effort needed to invest into the lead generation process is paramount. Did you know that you can get some help with it?

Chatbots come in handy. They can be a helping hand to your business 24/7. The technology is finely used for rapport building and if set-up correctly- to match your brand personality. The chatbot can also act as an assistant to your sales and marketing efforts. 

You can set-up the chatbot to assist up to a certain degree of communication and then allow a live agent to jump right in for more precise conversations.

  1. Hosting an Event
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Lead generation can happen both online and offline. Events are a great way to attract target users while capturing their contact details via the registration form. You can use live events to establish face-to-face contact with potentials in real time, answer their questions, concerns, learn more about them, and guide them through your sales funnel. Some events you may consider are:

  • Seminars
  • Conferences
  • Workshops
  • Webinars
  • Meetups
  1. Gated Content
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Gated content is all online materials that are accessible after filling out an information form by the reader. This type of content is generally “locked” to users who haven’t completed the lead capture form which can require a name and email address only. The gated content strategy is used to give the user something in value against some personal contact info. A wise idea is to provide content that is related to your brand or business’ products or services since the leads attracted are of high quality. Such gated content can be:

  • E-books
  • Whitepapers
  • Reports
  • Courses
  • Online tools
  • Work sheets
  • Academic papers
  1. Coupon Code or Discount
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Prospects who are interested in your products or services can have interest in receiving a coupon or discount code. This strategy acts as a lead magnet to drive people to buy and share contact data. It can also drive both short and long term leads. Within the long-term, by using this method to attract people interested in buying from you. Within the short-term, bottom down funnel leads can be converted into customers willing to buy.

  1. Newsletter With Added Value
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Did you know that if you create a must-read materials and compile them into a newspaper this can be a great lead generation magnet for high-quality leads? This step encourages interested parties to connect with your brand and even stay in touch with you. Your customers will stay top of mind expecting the newsletter on the frequency base you send it over to them. Besides, you may also encourage them to take the next steps in your sales funnel and further convert them into customers. Such content with added value may be:

  • Upcoming events
  • Special offerings
  • Product or service updates
  • Expected new blog post
  • Thought leaders’ best picks
  1. Free trial or Freemium Products
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You can seize leads by providing free trial and freemium products or services to interested parties. Before you open a new window to check out what freemium actually means, let us tell you real quick. Freemium is a combination between “free” and “premium”. It is a pricing strategy that provides a service or product for free and requires extra charges for additional features and services. Remember that free app that has in-app purchases? 

Free trials and freemium services attract high-quality leads that are interested in the product or service you offer. They are not yet ready to convert into paying customers but can be transformed into such by teasing them with paid functionalities. This can happen via email for instance and promote the benefits of using some paid features.

Stay tuned for part 2 of the Lead Generation Strategies to Try Out Now.