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Lead Generation

Start getting a steady flow of highly targetted leads and prospects interested in your products/services.

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Lead Gen & Sales

Start getting revenue from leads we acquire and close for you. Easy-peasy. We find them, you approve them, we close them for you.

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Sales Optimisation

Start receiving coaching and direct sales support for your client calls and meetings.

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    Why LeadEx?

    With us, you get to fast track your growth and skip to the good part - a steady stream of leads and sales generated without the typical training and overhead costs of an in-house team.
    Our professionals have decades of cumulative experience in prospecting, targeting, acquiring, and converting leads for profitable sales.

    We specialize in Lead Generation and Sales Optimisation

    Unmatched ROI

    Instead of spending time and money on hiring and training sales staff, you hire our no-nonsense professionals who get the job done for a fraction of what it costs to manage an in-house team.


    Our service offerings are flexibly designed to suit the needs of various industries and niches. You can go for a fixed-cost model, a cost-consuming arrangement, a revenue share agreement, or a hybrid approach.


    We are fully prepared to match your project’s expansion needs with scalable services possible via a mix of outside hires and in-house training models.


    Once onboarded, our professionals will adopt relevant business practices and integrate with your current team to ensure smooth workflows and frictionless performance.

    We Focus on what matters Our process for driving results

    Research, Strategy and Targeting

    Content, Channels, Automation and Outreach

    Leads Generation, Sales and Closing

    Revenue growth and Corporate stability

    Interested in our approach? Check out some of our Processes

    Research and Discovery

    We do a detailed research of all aspects till we discover all thats needed...

    Lead2Sales Strategy

    Our experienced business development consultant will assist you through the process ...

    ROI and Drill down

    Tracking the ROI when it comes to onboarding service providers is crucial...

    Client Onboarding

    Our strong sense of identification with client projects means that we are constantly driven to provide…

    Ideal Customer Profile

    Its a complicated process of symbiosis between type of business, targ...

    Tracking and Automation

    We take a deep dive into all data which we collect and you present. Analyse it…

    Whats your BURN Rate? Do you know?

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    Avg Salary

    • + €400 to find
    • x 12 months to pay
    • + €2,000 Tech stack
    • + €2,000 Social Benefits (yearly)
    • + €3,000 Management costs
    • + €1,500 Training period (0 results)
    SAVE €20,900
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    💰 Save

    with our Experts

    • + €0 to find
    • Pay as you use
    • + €0 Tech stack
    • + €0 Social Benefits (yearly)
    • + €0 Management costs
    • + €0 Training period
    • Results driven Service from Professionals
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    STAFF x3


    • + €1200 to find
    • x 12 months to pay
    • + €6,000 Tech stack
    • + €6,000 Social Benefits (yearly)
    • + €9,000 Management costs
    • + €4,500 Training period (0 results)
    SAVE €62,700

    2020 Lead Gen Market Leader Take your business to the next level

    Check out our Success Funnel

    3000-5000 Total Prospects Targeted

    9000-12000 Emails sent

    2000-3000 Emails opened

    up to 450 calls made

    150-200 Emails received

    20-30 Total Qualified Leads